Connect deeply with the music and let go of everything else.
Dance with me like there is no tomorrow.

I invite you to connect deeply with the music and let go of everything else.
I invite you to dance with me like there is no tomorrow.



DJ and Sound Explorer.

Video abspielen

Who am I? One of the most interesting questions isn´t it?

If I was what I identify myself with, the answer to this question is a different one every day I guess. A different version in every moment of the flow of now. 

In this now I, as I am writing this text, I have just turned 25, living in Augsburg with my girlfriend, exploring this beautiful journey called life. 

One of my biggest passions is sound. I love to explore all kinds of music, always suiting my current vibe. Right now I am listening to the same as you, if you just pressed that play button. 

Do you feel what I felt in this very moment I created this musical journey? Introducing my set with a mystical spheric soundscape, flowing from melodic progressive house into deep grounding beats with these dreamy elements.


Mystech Decoded.

When it comes to sharing my music in front of you, I choose the music intuitively according to our current vibe.

My musical selection contains the main genres House, Techno and Psychedelic Trance.

In this variety of electronic music I like to integrate different subgenres, like tribal Afro or Oriental House, Organic House or groovy Deep Tech. I also really enjoy playing deep floaty Progressive House just like in that set above.

As the night is starting to fire up, I love to bring some spice to the ravefloor with different Techno styles: Driving Peaktime Techno, fast groovy Techno, atmospheric Dub Techno and mystical Techno, or how I call it – Mystech.

After I got inspired at a Psytrance festival in Brazil, I fell in love with the dynamic of the music and the energy of the scene. I often feel to integrate this genre to my sets: Deep and grounded tunes to get started with, going over to dreamy mystical compositions until bouncy and fiery tracks, that just make us freak out completely!

cosmic library

Somewhere on mallorca

Dreamy Deep House Set.



Club Nights

A night that feels like a thousand lifetimes. Creation of an immersive, uplifting and driving club atmosphere.


Surfing waves of sound in the most expressive and unique way. It’s all about connection, self expression and acceptance.

Private Raves

RAVE with me like there is no tomorrow! Intimate gathering of your community vibing together all night long.

Let's Rave

and channel miracles.

Can you feel the excitement arising from deep within, waves of goosebumps flowing through your body in that very moment before the drop releases all the energy inside you.

This is what it is all about. Passion. Connection. With yourself, the tribe, the music, the present moment… THE RAVE.

I can’t wait to make you feel exactly that way.

If you feel inspired to co-create a unique experience for your community, I invite you to book a  15 minute get-to-know-call with me.